US President Donald Trump warned Wednesday he might preserve “Iran responsible” withinside the occasion of a deadly assault on Americans in Iraq, because the first anniversary of the killing of a pinnacle Iranian trendy in a US air strike approaches.

“Our embassy in Baghdad were given hit Sunday with the aid of using numerous rockets,” Trump stated on Twitter, regarding an assault that triggered harm however no deaths.

“Guess in which they got here from: IRAN,” he added. “Now we pay attention chatter of extra assaults towards Americans in Iraq,” he added, earlier than offering “a few pleasant fitness recommendation to Iran: if one American is killed, I will preserve Iran responsible. Think it over,” he stated.

Responding to Trump, the Iranian overseas minister Mohammad Javid Zarif tweeted on Thursday: “Putting your very own residents at chance overseas won’t divert interest from catastrophic screw ups at home.”

He additionally connected an picture of years-antique Trump tweets that claimed ex-president Barack Obama might have commenced a conflict with Iran to win re-election, in addition to a screengrab of a graph that purported to reveal the severity of the coronavirus pandemic withinside the US.Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had already pointed the finger at Tehran, at the same time as the United States navy command that covers the area stated that the rocket assault “became nearly clearly performed with the aid of using an Iranian-sponsored rogue military group.”

It stated in a declaration that at the same time as it “triggered no US accidents or casualties, the assault did harm homes withinside the US embassy compound, and became absolutely NOT meant to keep away from casualties.”

“The United States will preserve Iran responsible for the deaths of any Americans that end result from the paintings of those Iranian-sponsored rogue military groups,” it added.

Iran had in advance answered with the aid of using calling on US government on Monday now no longer to provoke “tensions.”

Trump ordered the drone assault on January 3, 2020 to kill the effective Iranian trendy at the same time as he became in Baghdad. The air strike got here after Iranian-sponsored militias had fired rockets at US goals in Iraq, in a situation echoed with the aid of using the cutting-edge moves towards the United States embassy




In a world full of trends I want to remain a classic.

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In a world full of trends I want to remain a classic.

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