United Nations Investigator Accuses Israel of Apartheid

For the first the United Nations has addressed the situation in Palestine as an ‘apartheid’. It was after an investigator from the UN had visited and taken a note of the site and accused Israel of crimes in the region.

Earlier too, other international organizations had called out Israel for the situation blaming it on the practices of its leaders but this is the first time that the UN has used such a term for the territory. The official had stated that the struggle they are facing right now is not just over the land but also for equal rights.

The territory has been witnessing human rights abuses since it was occupied by Israelis in 1976. “There are now five million stateless Palestinians living without rights, in an acute state of subjugation.” asserted the official.

The report prepared by the investigator stresses that the situation in the territory where both the Israeli hews as well as the Palestinians live are essentially run by a single regime. This regime is the one responsible for differentiation that the civilians are subjected to. The situation oversees supremacy of one over the other.



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