Taliban regime in Afghanistan has ordered female TV presenters in country to cover their faces

Taliban regime in embattled country of Afghanistan is not backing down from assaulting human rights of women in the country. The latest order by the Taliban requires TV presenters in the country as well as other women ‘on screen’ to cover their faces while presenting on air. The decree was told to the media outlets on Wednesday.

This ruling comes after a period of two weeks when all women in the country were ordered to cover their face while in public, or be ready to face punishment.

The latest decree by Taliban is widely being criticized on social media platforms. “The world deploys masks to protect people from Covid. The Taliban deploys masks to protect people from seeing the faces of women journalists. For the Taliban, women are a disease,” one human rights activist tweeted.

The women and activists fear that the ultimate agenda of Taliban is to force women to stay at home and exit from workplaces through the highly restricted laws. What is your opinion about this? Comment in the section below and join the conversation.



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