Saudi crown prince recommends two G20 extraordinary leaders’ meetings to take place yearly

4 min readNov 23, 2020

Saudi Arabia’s prince prophet bin Salman suggested that going forward, the cluster of Twenty (G20) organization ought to hold 2 ANnual summits, a virtual one within the middle of the year, and a physical summit at the end.

Minutes before the closing remarks of the dominion’s G20 presidency, the crown prince said: “I would love to impart all of our ministers and officers for his or her active participation throughout several meetings, and also the succession of this year’s programs despite the troublesome circumstances.”

The coronavirus illness (COVID-19) pictured an unprecedented world threat, prompting the Kingdom to carry two summits during its presidential year, that has not happened in any previous presidency since the group’s instauration in 1999.

The prince same that supported the success of the Saudi expertise in holding a rare G20 summit last March, and also the success of the Riyadh summit, he planned that going forward, 2 annual summits be command instead.

“We hope that European nation can crystallize this concept with the aim of supporting joint international coordination and intensifying the role, to come back up with policies and initiatives to satisfy any challenges and verify the economic and well-being of our peoples,” he said.

As this year is an extraordinary year for the whole world thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Asian nation was honored to host the G20 Leaders’ Summit nearly over 2 days, on Nov. 21–22, 2020.

After King Salman’s closing remarks and also the surrendering of the presidency to Italy, prince prophet over the summit by highlight the G20’s achievements since its foundation.

“(The G20) has been a necessary link among our countries. it’s incontestible the vitality of its role, over the years, to alter economic, financial, social, and environmental issues,” he said.

The crown prince stressed the importance of cooperation in light of the happening of COVID-19 , and its health, economic, and social repercussions.

“Together we’ve got self-addressed this challenge with seriousness necessitated by the responsibility to preserve human life, shield livelihoods, mitigate the following harm of this pandemic, and lift readiness to face any future crises, God forbid,” he added.

Saudi Arabia’s presidency of the G20 was exceptional therein it adopted the catchword of “Realizing Opportunities of the twenty first Century for All” to empower people, safeguard the world and form new frontiers, and to deal with the skilled interaction LED by the dominion to unite efforts to confront the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We stand nowadays at the top of an exceptional year in that we had the privilege and responsibility of the G20 presidency,” he said. “This year, the G20 adopted priorities that we worked on along to implement, high of which is addressing the health care, economic, and social impacts of the pandemic.”

He mentioned that the G20 had incontestible that “together, our strength lies in our unity. this is often specifically what the G20 was created for — to bring countries from each continent together to deal with together the best challenges of the day and implement joint and effective solutions.

“We absolutely understand the importance of higher protection from future pandemics, and that we must draw lessons from this crisis. to make sure that, the Saudi G20 presidency planned AN initiative to reinforce access to pandemic tools.”

He same that this initiative would work to realize 3 goals: First, to push analysis and development, and distribution of diagnostic tools, therapeutics, and vaccines for all infectious diseases. Second, to encourage and facilitate international funding for world pandemic preparedness, and third, to support the coaching of epidemiologists everywhere the world.

Throughout its presidency of the G20, the dominion has dedicated its efforts to assembling a stronger and a lot of property world, in parallel with its important economic and social transformation supported Vision 2030.

“We conclude this summit determined to require action and to continue operating along till we overcome the pandemic, giving hope and support to our nations and to the world. we have a tendency to are happy with what we’ve got accomplished this year, and that we know that lots still has to be done,” the prince said,

“Saudi peninsula can still support the international efforts regarding providing equitable and cheap COVID-19 medical specialty and vaccines for all, once they become available. i do know several be part of North American nation during this commitment.

“We will work along side our international partners and also the Italian G20 presidency next year to realize this. the dominion can still answer the worldwide decision to deal with the challenges of the twenty first century, along side the G20 members. we have a tendency to would like all the simplest for Italy,” he concluded.




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