Saudi Arabia vaccinates 300,000 against COVID-19

1 min readJan 18, 2021

300,000 individuals have received the COVID-19 immunizing agent in Saudi peninsula, the health ministry aforesaid on Sunday.“

The vaccine is that the key conjointly the} powerful weapon which will build America healthy,” ministry representative Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aly said.

He said voters and residents who have a sound national identity variety or residence number are eligible to receive the vaccine through the “Sehaty” app.Al-Abd Al-Aly also said that no facet effects of the vaccine are detected so far.

“The indicators of recording confirmed cases, recoveries and demanding cases within the Kingdom are moving toward quality and decline,” he told reporters.

Saudi Arabia started its immunisation campaign on Dec. seventeen and was the primary Arab country to use the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Saudi peninsula confirmed 176 new cases on Sunday, raising the full to 364,929 cases, of that 1,919 are active cases still receiving medical care, and 319 crucial cases.

The Kingdom additionally confirmed 5 deaths involving the virus within the previous twenty four hours and 146 individuals had recovered.

Al-Abd Al-Aly adscititious that centers and facilities connected with the Ministry of Health are continued to supply health services, as well as conducting tests and examinations, across the Kingdom.




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