Polish Minister-designate tested Positive for Covid19

Poland’s opposition says the country’s education minister-designate visited his grandmother in the hospital, in breach of rules designed to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Two days later, lawmaker Przemyslaw Czarnek tested positive for COVID-19, forcing many staff and patients at the hospital to go into quarantine.

Members of the Civic Coalition said Friday they have notified the police and prosecutors that Czarnek exposed others to danger when he entered the hospital in Lublin on Saturday.

“Lawmaker Czarnek used his political position to force the hospital director to allow him to enter,” said opposition spokesman Adam Szlapka.

“This was unethical, violated the bans currently in force and exposed others to danger, that could be a criminal offense” that carries a jail term of up to 3 years, Szlapka aforementioned.

Czarnek has said he had no COVID-19 symptoms at the time and was allowed in as a result of his grandma was in a {very} very serious condition. The hospital director, who is among those currently in quarantine, confirmed that.

Hours before the reshuffled government was to be sworn in by President Andrzej Duda on Monday, Czarnek rumored that he was infected, inflicting the ceremony to be deferred for a day. Czarnek has not however been sworn in.

Poland is presently seeing a steep spike in cases, with over 4,000 every day being recorded, leading the govt. to declare the entire country a yellow zone wherever face masks and social distancing are needed even within the open air, effective Saturday.

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