Lebanon’s ‘hunger heroes’ bring food to people in need

DUBAI: getting ready over 1,000,000 meals is not any mean feat, however it’s a fair additional extraordinary endeavor once achieved exclusively through the facility of volunteers, donations and therefore the salvaging of over two hundred a lot of food waste.

Since it absolutely was established eight years agone when Maya Terro and her team won a competition, the Beirut-based social enterprise FoodBlessed has fully grown steady and organically.

“I was ready to flip my passion for food and my pursuit of empowering others into a humanitarian mission that nourishes individuals, communities, and public establishments to market positive modification in their country — one meal at a time,” aforesaid Terro, administrator of FoodBlessed.

After raising $2,600 through a fundraising initiative throughout the holy month of Ramadan, the corporate began to divert food from landfills, feed hungry individuals throughout Lebanon, Associate in Nursingd use food to “build communities and tackle loneliness.”

“We believe that food is an act of love, for the world and its people,” Terro said. “In the long term, we attempt to form a cultural shift fueled by aware consumption. it’s only if people see and appreciate the worth of food that they’ll they stop wasting it and begin sharing it.”

As a community-based and volunteer-driven initiative, FoodBlessed depends heavily on the assistance and generosity of volunteers and financial and in-kind donations.

“Sadly, the bulk of individuals, as well as sometimes the people nearest to you, can choose you and infrequently mistaken your diligent determination for ego or for aggressiveness. Nevertheless, I urge you to ne’er lose hope.”



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