Jordan elections in crisis mode due to covid19

2 min readNov 9, 2020


Voters in coronavirus-battered Jordan head to the polls on Tues in an election targeted on the Arab country’s slump that has been heightened by the devastating pandemic.

Resource-poor and captivated with foreign aid, above all from the International money (IMF), debt within the little country of ten million folks — which is additionally hosting over one million Syrian refugees — exceeds one hundred pc of its GDP.

And state was running at twenty three percent in the half-moon of 2020.
“This vote is different, with people in larger distress attributable to the epidemic,” same Oraib Rintawi of the Al-Quds Center for Political Studies. Coronavirus has claimed over 1,180 lives from over 104,800 cases in Jordan, in step with Health Ministry data.

However, Rintawi doubted there would be a high turnout as a result of “most Jordanians suppose parliament plays a marginal role within the political system,” because the formation of governments in the Hashemite kingdom isn’t party-based or captivated with the end result of the vote.

There are some calls on social media to delay the elections, however the govt. has same the vote can go ahead.

Parliament was already dissolved in late Sep before the vote, and below the law new elections should be control at intervals four months.

Jordanian Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Musa Al-Maaytah insisted on Fri it might be higher to carry the vote currently than during a few months’ time.

“Economic, political and social life should continue,” he added.

King Abdullah last month named veteran diplomat Bisher Al-Khasawneh as prime minister before the vote, once parliament reached the top of its term.
“People can vote on social group lines, for a candidate from their social group or for representatives who will give them with services,” not for political reasons, Rintawi told AFP.

Some 4.5 million folks eligible to vote will solid their ballots for candidates to fill a hundred thirty seats in parliament, fifteen of them reserved for women, from a field of 1,674 candidates running on 294 lists.

Security forces also are expected to spread across the country’s 1,880 polling stations.




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